Noah's Ark Pet Wash • 4431 Cass St. • Pacific Beach, CA 92109 • 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM • Closed Wed. • 858-270-8161
Noah's Ark Pet Wash and Boutique, Pacific Beach's self service dog wash and pet supply store  

Noah’s Ark carries a unique variety of pet products such as:

Collars & Leashes:
Upcountry, Timberwolf, Island Dog, Color Pet Products and Gentle Leader Training Collars

Grooming Accessories:
Earthbath, Eqyss, Doc Ackermans and Bio Groom Shampoos and Conditioners, Brushes, Shedding Blades, Nail Trimmers and Undercoat Rakes

Bark Stix, Liver Biscotti, Greenies, Healthy Hounds, Wet Nose, Liver Chiplets (formerly MX), Tiny Tots, Bully Sticks and Kitty Caviar

Flea Control Products:
Advantage, Frontline, Flea Treats, Doc Ackerman's Flea Oil and Diatomaceous Earth

Large assortment
of Dog and Cat toys, Dog and Cat Accessories and informational Dog and Cat Books

Food & Supplements
Wright’s Poultry and Halshan’s Brand RAW FOOD diets, Azmira Holistic Brand dry and canned dog and cat foods and The Honest Kitchen’s brand of dehydrated dog food called "Verve"
. A large selection of vitamin supplements for your pets.

Plus a whole lot more . . . . .

Choosing the best diet for your pet is the most important thing you can do for your furry family member, yet it is the area most often overlooked by both pet care professionals and pet guardians.

What your pet eats plays a major role in determining how his or her body copes with disease as well as the effects of aging. The food you choose to feed your pet can either strengthen it’s body by providing the essential nutrients for building a healthy disease resistant body or injure him or her by introducing toxic substances that start your pet on a downhill slide into disease.

Do you REALLY know what’s in the food you’re feeding your pet?
The pet food industry is a multi- billion dollar industry and most major pet food manufacturers are in the business for one reason: PROFIT! Why do you think the most well known, (and most heavily advertised), brands of dog and cat food are owned by major corporations? Just remember, marketing is a powerful tool of persuasion and can mislead consumers. Our fur kids don’t have a choice about what they eat, it’s up to us as their guardians to educate ourselves and choose the best for them.

learn more about why natural food is best for your pet


Creating a Cleaner and Healthier World, One Dog at a Time

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